Services to Support Artists

After you register as an Artist on 20Hz, you have access to all of the features for building your portfolio and website. 20Hz also offers additional services that can be switched on and off when needed to help your budget.

To register as an Artist on 20Hz, choose the Sign-Up option from the menu within the 20Hz website, and complete the simple registration form.

Curator£30 / monthNowAccess to a Site Curator on a monthly basis, who will manage the content on your website on your behalf - videos, music, bio and blogs.
Manager£75 / monthNowAll the Features of Curator plus access to someone on a weekly basis, who will give you that nudge to update your blogs regularly, so you keep fans up to date with what you are doing and the events you will be performing at.
Research£250 / useOn RequestOne-on-one consultancy to help you analyse and understand the behaviour and activity of fans on your site, how they interact with your content and how this compares with similar artists. All aimed at maximising your exposure to fans on 20Hz. We can also initiate fan questionnaires and surveys.