20Hz Privacy Policy

When you use our services, you’re trusting us with your information. We understand this is a big responsibility and work hard to protect your information and put you in control.

This Privacy Policy is meant to help you understand what information we collect, why we collect it, and how you can update, manage, export, and delete your information.


20Hz is a service provided by 20Hz CIC (referred to as "20Hz-CIC"), a Community Interest Company limited by guarantee, that provides Artists with accounts that include management, publishing, and listing tools as well as metrics and insights based on data derived from the performance on 20Hz of features associated with the Artist’s account.

Information that 20Hz-CIC collects

We want you to understand the types of information we collect as you use our services.

We collect information to provide better services to all our users - from figuring out basic stuff like which Artists are the most popular, to more complex things like viewer behaviour during performances.

The information that 20Hz-CIC collects, and how that information is used, depends on how you use our services and how you manage your privacy controls.

When you’re not signed in to a 20Hz Account, we store the information we collect with unique identifiers tied to the browser, application, or device you’re using. This helps us do things like maintain your music preferences across browsing sessions.

When you’re signed in, we also collect information that we store with your 20Hz Account, which we treat as personal information.

Things you create or provide to us

When you create a 20Hz Account, you provide us with personal information that includes your email address, a nickname and a password. You can also choose to add a phone number, your full name, location and music preferences to your account.

We also collect the content you create, upload, or receive from others when using our services. This includes things like comments you write and receive, photos and videos you save, and comments you make about blogs and events.

Information we collect as you use our services

Your apps, browsers & devices

We collect information about the apps, browsers, and devices you use to access 20Hz services, which helps us provide additional features in future releases.

The information we collect includes unique identifiers, browser type, device type, operating system, and application version number. We also collect information about the interaction of your apps, browsers, and devices with our services, including IP address, system activity, and the date, time, and referrer URL of your request.

Your activity

We collect information about your activity in our services, which we use to do things like recommend a video you might like. The activity information we collect may include:

You can visit your 20Hz Account to find and manage activity information.

Your location information

We collect information about your location when you use our services, which helps us offer features like events in your area, information about local musicians, and the popularity of Artists and events by location and genres. Your location can be determined with varying degrees of accuracy by: GPS, IP address, and sensor data from your device.

The types of location data we collect depend in part on your device and account settings. For example, you can turn your device’s location on or off using the device’s settings app. You can also turn on location history if you want to create a private map of where you go with your signed-in devices.

Public Sources of Information

In some circumstances, 20Hz-CIC also collects information about you from publicly accessible sources. For example, if your name appears in a comment on an Artist’s social media account that they have linked to 20Hz. We may also collect information about you from trusted partners, including marketing partners who provide us with information about potential customers of our business services, and security partners who provide us with information to protect against abuse. We also receive information from advertisers to provide advertising and research services on their behalf.

We use various technologies to collect and store information, including cookies, pixel tags, local storage, such as browser storage or application caches, databases, and server logs.

Why 20Hz-CIC collects data

We use data to build better services

We use the information we collect from all our services for the following purposes.

Provide our services

We use your information to deliver our services, like processing the terms you search for in order to return results or helping you share content by suggesting recipients from your contacts.

Maintain & improve our services

We also use your information to ensure our services are working as intended, such as tracking outages or troubleshooting issues that you report to us. And we use your information to make improvements to our services - for example, understanding which search terms are most frequently helps us inform Artists about how they can improve their use of keywords to raise their profile.

Develop new services

We use the information we collect in existing services to help us develop new ones.

Provide personalized services, including content and ads

We use the information we collect to customize our services for you, including providing recommendations, personalized content, and customized search results. For example, 20Hz uses information like videos you’ve watched to suggest new Artists and genres you may like.

Depending on your settings, we may also show you personalized ads based on your interests. For example, if you search for “edm,” you may see an ad for an event or CD related to electronic dance music when you’re browsing the 20Hz site.

Measure performance

We use data for analytics and measurement to understand how our services are used. For example, we analyze data about your visits to 20Hz to do things like optimize product design. And we also use data about the ads you interact with to help advertisers understand the performance of their ad campaigns.

Communicate with you

We use information we collect, like your email address, to interact with you directly. For example, we may send you a notification if we detect suspicious activity, like an attempt to sign in to your 20Hz Account from an unusual location. Or we may let you know about upcoming changes or improvements to our services. And if you contact 20Hz-CIC, we’ll keep a record of your request in order to help solve any issues you might be facing.

Protecting 20Hz-CIC, our users, and the public

We use information to help improve the safety and reliability of our services. This includes detecting, preventing, and responding to fraud, abuse, security risks, and technical issues that could harm 20Hz-CIC, our users, or the public.

Data Processing

We use different technologies to process your information for these purposes. We use automated systems that analyze your content to provide you with things like customized search results, personalized ads, or other features tailored to how you use our services. And we analyze your content to help us detect abuse such as spoofing and illegal content. We also use algorithms to recognize patterns in data.

We may combine the information we collect among our services and across your devices for the purposes described above. For example, if you watch videos of guitar players on 20Hz, you might see an ad for guitar lessons on a site that uses our ad products. Depending on your account settings, your activity may be associated with your personal information in order to improve 20Hz-CIC’s services and the ads delivered by 20Hz-CIC.

If other users already have your email address or other information that identifies you, we may show them your publicly visible 20Hz Account information, such as your name and photo. This helps people identify a direct message coming from you, for example.

We’ll ask for your consent before using your information for a purpose that isn’t covered in this Privacy Policy.

Your privacy controls

You have choices regarding the information we collect and how it's used.

This section describes key controls for managing your privacy across our services. You can also visit the Privacy Check-up, which provides an opportunity to review and adjust important privacy settings.

Managing, reviewing, and updating your information

When you’re signed in to your 20Hz Account, you can always review and update information saved in your 20Hz Account.

Activity Controls

Decide what types of activity you’d like saved in your account. For example, you can turn on location history if you want recommendations for events and Artists near you, or you can save your video watch history to get better video suggestions.

About you

Control what others see about you across 20Hz-CIC services.

Shared endorsements

Choose whether your name and photo appear next to your activity, like reviews and recommendations, that appear in ads.

Ways to review & update your information

My Activity allows you to review and control data created when you use 20Hz, like searches you’ve done. You can browse by date and by topic, and delete part or all of your activity.My Account allows you to manage your contact information, such as your name and email.

Exporting, removing & deleting your information

You can export a copy of content in your 20Hz Account if you want to back it up or use it with a service outside of 20Hz.

You can also request to remove content from specific 20Hz-CIC services. To delete your information, you can:

There are other ways to control the information 20Hz-CIC collects whether or not you’re signed in to a 20Hz Account, including:

Sharing your information

When you share your information

Many of our services let you share information with other people, and you have control over how you share. For example, you can share videos publicly or you can decide to keep your videos private. Remember, when you share information publicly, your content may become accessible through search engines.

When you’re signed in and interact with 20Hz, leaving comments on a video, your name and photo appear next to your activity. We may also display this information in ads depending on your Shared Endorsements setting.

When 20Hz-CIC shares your information

We do not share your personal information with companies, organizations, or individuals outside of 20Hz-CIC except in the following cases.

With your consent

We’ll share personal information outside of 20Hz-CIC when we have your consent. For example, if you use 20Hz to make a reservation through a booking service (we use Stay22.com), we’ll get your permission before sharing your name or phone number with the restaurant. We’ll ask for your explicit consent to share any sensitive personal information.

For external processing

We provide personal information to our affiliates and other trusted businesses or persons to process it for us, based on our instructions and in compliance with our Privacy Policy and any other appropriate confidentiality and security measures. For example, we use service providers to help us with customer support.

For legal reasons

We will share personal information outside of 20Hz-CIC if we have a good-faith belief that access, use, preservation, or disclosure of the information is reasonably necessary to:

We may share non-personally identifiable information publicly and with our partners - like publishers, advertisers, developers, or rights holders. For example, we share information publicly to show trends about the general use of our services. We also allow specific partners to collect information from your browser or device for advertising and measurement purposes using their own cookies or similar technologies.

Keeping your information secure

We build security into our services to protect your information.

All 20Hz-CIC products are built with strong security features that continuously protect your information. The insights we gain from maintaining our services help us detect and automatically block security threats from ever reaching you. And if we do detect something risky that we think you should know about, we’ll notify you and help guide you through steps to stay better protected.

We work hard to protect you and 20Hz-CIC from unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, or destruction of information we hold, including:

Retaining your information

We retain the data we collect for different periods of time depending on what it is, how we use it, and how you configure your settings:

When you delete data, we follow a deletion process to make sure that your data is safely and completely removed from our servers or retained only in anonymized form. We try to ensure that our services protect information from accidental or malicious deletion. Because of this, there may be delays between when you delete something and when copies are deleted from our active and backup systems.