Pricing of 20Hz

Any visitor to 20Hz can browse and discover the Artists and Events for FREE.

For Fans

You have to register with 20Hz to make comments and to like music and blogs. Registering gives you access to the Follower plan for fans, which is still FREE.

To become a Follower on 20Hz, choose the Sign-Up option from the menu within the 20Hz website, and complete the simple registration form. We only ask that you provide your email address so we can keep in contact with you.

Plan Fee Availability Includes
Visitor Free Now View artist biographies, blogs, videos, music, events and images.
Follower Free Now All the features of the Visitor plan, plus you can like and comment on blogs and events, get notifications for new content, and use the social messaging within 20Hz to communicate with artists and other fans.
Subscriber These fees have no time limit and can be topped up at any time before the plan runs out. You can have one or more subscription plans running at the same time.
£10 September Covers 20 hours watching or listening to content that any artist has tagged as premium.
£10 September Gives access to 20 hours of premium live streaming by any artist.

For Artist Websites

After you register as an Artist on 20Hz, you have access to all of the features in the Standard plan. The Premium plans can be switched on and off when needed to help your budget. The Premium plans includes the features within the Standard plan.

To register as an Artist on 20Hz, choose the Sign-Up option from the menu within the 20Hz website, and complete the simple registration form.

Plan Fee Availability Includes
Standard Free Now A tailor-made website showcasing your top content, access to the direct messaging system, the ability to schedule and promote your events and all other essential 20Hz features needed to build and manage an Artist website.
Premium Curator £30 / month Now Access to a Site Curator who can manage the content on your website on your behalf - videos, music, bio and blogs. Someone who will give you that nudge to update your blogs regularly, so you keep fans up to date with what you are doing and the events you will be performing at.
Premium Manager £50 / month Now Access to your own personal Site Curator, someone who knows how you work and the persona you want to project.
Premium Store £10 / month August Your own store so fans can buy your merch. The money from each sale goes to direct to you, less a small payment handling fee.

For Live Streaming

20Hz offers two plans to allow musicians to perform in live streams.

Each live event has two core costs - the quality of stream (SD/HD) and the number of viewers.