Performance Guidelines

We hope these guidelines will help you get the most out of your performance, and we look forward to working with you.

Registering for the Event

The first thing to do is register for the event. This can be done from your Artist account by going to the Live Events page and selecting Edit Mode from the user menu. This will give you the option to create a new live streaming event or edit a live event that you are preparing for.

Schedule your live event with 20hzBook your live stream by emailing the artist management team at
Begin promoting your event as soon as possiblePublicising your event with immediate effect will ensure that more individuals will view it, especially if promotions are run regularly.

Consider targeted sponsored ad (facebook and instagram promotions), you can then ensure that you are specifically directing the promotions to your target audience.

The 20hz marketing team will design a unique poster that you can use for social media promotions. This poster will contain your brand image/logo, event date and time, as well as all relevant social media links for you.
Add a countdown to your eventMajority of social media platforms will allow you to add a countdown to an event, ensure that your countdown is up-to-date and adjusted if any event changes occur.
Add relevant hashtags and keywords to your postUsing relevant popular tags in your promotions will increase views and engagement.
Encourage friends, family and supporters to share your promotionsIncrease views and engagement by widening your audience.

In the Run Up to the Event

These actions must be taken prior to your performance. Each action serves a purpose in reducing the chance of anything going wrong during the performance. Preparation is key.

Verify your YouTube live stream accountUse the 20hz live stream set up guide to help you get your YouTube live stream up and running, this can be found here. Please note that the verification process can take up to 30hours, ensure that you have completed the process no less than 24hours before your live stream to avoid any complications.
Run a speed testTo ensure a good quality stream, check your upload bitrate by running a broadband speed test. A speed test site can be found here.
Use Wi-FiUse Wi-Fi instead of your mobile cellular data, where possible, for a more stable stream.
Use a tripod or a flat surfaceTo have a focused and steady stream, use a tripod or a flat solid surface.
Use a private connectionAvoid using public connections where there may be multiple users, this may cause interference or slow connection for the live stream. Where possible, ensure you are using a private connection.
Test all equipment in advanceTest all equipment prior to the live event to ensure a smooth-running show. Place any backup equipment nearby.
Ensure good lightingHaving good lighting is just as important as having good sound. The audience wants to hear and see you well. Natural lighting is great, however, a lamp or ring light also provides great lighting.
Clear SceneryThe camera will be showing the background scenery behind you, please make sure that the camera is not showing anything you don’t want it to.
Use two devicesIf you have a set up that you are familiar with and can broadcast from, use this to control the session and streaming. However, run 20Hz on a separate tablet or laptop that is always on, so you can see comments and feedback from the audience in real time.

For artists that are reliant on their device for lyrics, instrumentals or notes, it is best to stream from your phone, run 20Hz on a separate tablet to get the audience feedback, and use your laptop for your own personal needs during the live stream.
Fallback (Plan B)Make sure you have a back-up plan in case of equipment failure during the performance. You don’t have time to fix the equipment, so you will need some songs you have practised recently that don’t need this equipment.

During the Event

These actions should be taken during the performance. The key to a successful performance is based on three pillars:

  1. Be prepared
  2. Stay relaxed
  3. Don't get distracted
Check your sound and appearanceDress and play as you would for a physical live concert. Vocalists/instrumentalists should do their usual warm-ups before the show.
Be yourselfLet your personality shine through.
Monitor 20hz activityDuring your live stream your audience will be making comments, clapping, donating and voting on songs. Interact with your audience, answer questions and be sure to give shout-outs in the course of your stream.
Give exclusive contentTry and give your supporters some new content that you typically can’t find on any of your other platforms.
Avoid distractionsMaintain eye-contact with the camera and avoid external distractions.
Intros and outrosBe sure to introduce yourself, your brand, genre and some background information about your work before the music starts. When you have finished your set, remember to thank your supporters and all who donated.
Keep to timeEnsure your live stream begins and ends on time. Time yourself when you do a sound check.
Don’t get distractedIf something goes wrong during the performance (equipment failure or a backing track doesn’t play), don’t try to fix it, just go on to a different song. Always have a plan B in case of equipment failure. It can be frustrating, but the show must go on.

After the Event

We recommend that you complete some or all of these actions. While none of them are mandatory, they are aimed at building up the rapport with your followers.

ConverseConverse with fans and encourage questions.
PromotePromote any new content, merchandise, music or videos that you have and be sure to mention where supporters can access them.
Gain insightful informationWhat would your audience like to hear on your next live stream? What did they like the most?
Encourage your supporters to shareEncourage your supporters to share your live stream and social media links.
Check analyticsBe sure to check the analytics that 20hz provide you with, this will give you a better insight to your audience.