20Hz Live Streaming Terms

1. Applicable Terms

  1. 20Hz is a service provided to Artists at https://20hz.com by AlfaSage Limited, a United Kingdom limited liability company with a main office at St. John’s Innovation Centre, Cowley Road, Cambridge, CB24 9JA, United Kingdom, herein, referred to as "AlfaSage", "we" or "us". Your use, as an individual, of 20Hz is subject to these AlfaSage Live Streaming Terms (the "Terms").
  2. In order to accept the Terms and use 20Hz You must be at least 18 years of age and of legal age in Your country to form a binding contract with AlfaSage.
  3. These Terms form a legally binding contract between You and AlfaSage in relation to Your use of 20Hz.
  4. 20Hz includes web, mobile web, and app versions of 20Hz that AlfaSage may make available to You. These include management, publishing, and listing tools as well as metrics and insights based on data derived from the performance on 20Hz of features associated with the Artist Account.

2. Definitions

Term Definition
Account Owner The user who initially created the Artist Account.
Artist A musician, performer, group of performers or support professional in the music business.
Artist Account An website on 20Hz that an Artist uses to promote their creative works and professional services.
Site Manager Additional users of the Artist Account who are not the Account Owner.
Usage Information Information about Your use of 20Hz such as Your page visits and data viewed, Your interactions with 20Hz's features and functionality, Your actions when using the 20Hz Developer API, and Your login email to 20Hz, the IP addresses, and timestamps associated with these activities.
You Any individual user of 20Hz, either as an Account Owner or as a Site Manager.

3. Privacy and Information

  1. Any data collected or used pursuant to Your use of 20Hz is in accordance with AlfaSage's Privacy Policy. Additionally, there are some special cases explained below applicable to data that AlfaSage collects in connection with 20Hz. The 20Hz Privacy Policy is available at https://info.20hz.com/docs/privacy-policy.
  2. When You are using 20Hz or the 20Hz Developer API, AlfaSage collects certain Usage Information. AlfaSage will associate this Usage Information with the Artist Account. Refer to https://info.20hz.com/docs/developer-api for details of the 20Hz Developer API.
  3. All Usage Information AlfaSage collects may be shared with the Account Owner, among other things, to enable their management of the Artist Account, including to audit actions and monitor potential abuse.
  4. AlfaSage will retain the Usage Information as long as its associated Artist Account is active. Any changes in Your ability to access 20Hz or the status of Your user login (including its deactivation) will not affect this retention period.

4. Restrictions on Use

  1. You may not use 20Hz:
    • beyond the intended 20Hz functionality outlined in the Terms and other 20Hz documentation;
    • to engage in, promote or encourage illegal activity or abusive behaviour;
    • to disable, interfere with, reverse engineer, or circumvent any aspect of 20Hz; or
    • to access any other AlfaSage product or service in a manner that violates the terms of service of such other AlfaSage product or service.

5. Modification and Termination of Services

  1. AlfaSage may, at its sole discretion, change, discontinue, or limit access to any 20Hz feature or functionality, including reporting metrics, for any reason at any time without liability to You or the Account Owner.
  2. If AlfaSage discontinues 20Hz, where reasonably possible, AlfaSage will give You reasonable advance notice. If AlfaSage discontinues any top-level metric or reporting feature, AlfaSage will endeavor to provide at least thirty (30) days prior written notice via in-product messaging, email, blog posts, or through other reasonable means.
  3. AlfaSage may make changes to the Terms at any time with notice and the opportunity to decline further use of 20Hz. AlfaSage will post notice of modifications to the Terms on 20Hz and by emailing Your contact email. Changes will not be retroactive. They will become effective, and will be deemed accepted by You, (a) immediately for those who become Account Owners or Site Managers after the notification is posted; or (b) for pre-existing Account Owner and Site Managers, on the date specific in the notice, which will be no sooner than thirty (30) days after the changes are posted (except changes addressing new functions of 20Hz or changes required by law will be effective immediately).
  4. If You do not agree with the modifications to the Terms, You may terminate Your use of 20Hz, which will be Your sole and exclusive remedy. You agree that Your continued use of 20Hz constitutes Your agreement to the modifications of the Terms.
  5. If You violate any of the Terms, AlfaSage may terminate Your access to 20Hz. Additionally, to the maximum extent permitted by law, AlfaSage may terminate with Your access for any reason with thirty (30) days prior written notice.

6. General Legal Terms

  1. The Terms and the 20Hz Developer API Terms of Service (if You are using the 20Hz Developer API) constitute the entire legal agreement between You and AlfaSage and govern Your use of 20Hz and completely replace any prior agreements between You and AlfaSage in relation to 20Hz. The English language version of the Terms will control and translations, if any, are non-binding and for reference purposes only. If there is a conflict between the Terms and the 20Hz Developer API Terms of Service, the Terms will apply.
  2. Sections 2 (Definitions), 3 (Privacy and Information), and 6 (General Legal Terms) will survive any expiration or termination of the Terms.