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20Hz artist home pages are open to everyone.

PUBLIC access enables you to view an artist’s biography and photo gallery, play sounds and videos and read their blogs.

Register with 20Hz and you can access the additional features in the FOLLOWER plan. This means that you can engage with the artist and other fans by commenting and replying on blogs, videos and music tracks. You will receive in-app notifications when the content on the sites of artists you are following are updated. You will also be kept up to date with events and be one of the first to know when your favourite artist is coming to a town near you.

It only takes a few moments to register as a FOLLOWER and it costs nothing!

For full access to an artist’s homepage, become a 20Hz SUBSCRIBER. For a small monthly fee you can enjoy direct contact with the artist and access exclusive content, including live streams and webcasts. Unfortunately, this isn't quite finished yet, but if you register as a Follower we will let you know when the Subscriber features are ready for use.

We know you love music and we’re confident that you’ll find the 20Hz FOLLOWER plan works for you.

Public Follower
Artist information
Home page with latest updates and feature video Y Y
Artist biography Y Y
Image gallery Y Y
View events the artist is performing at Y Y
View blogs, comments and replies Y Y
Like blogs - Y
Make comments and replies on blogs - Y
Music and videos
Carousels with access to videos and music tracks Y Y
Video player Y Y
Audio player Y Y
View comments and replies Y Y
Like videos and music tracks - Y
Make comments and replies on videos and music tracks - Y
In-app notifications for new content - Y
Message the artist - Y
Search for followers with similar interests, who like similar content - Y
Connect to other followers - Y
View posts from connected followers - Y
Chat with connected followers - Y
Share planned event visits with connected followers - Y

Upcoming Features

Our on-going commitment to innovation means we will deliver these new features for FOLLOWERS during 2020.

New Features for Followers in 2020
Music and videos
View premium carousels, videos and music tracks
Pop-out player for uninterrupted listening
Track lists
Other features
Buy the artist's merchandise from a 3rd party store
Buy the artist's merchandise direct from 20Hz
Make a donation to an artist
Appear on the artist's wall of fame
Enter competitions created by the artist
Take part in polls created by the artist

Upcoming Premium Features

During 2020, we will release a set of new, premium features that FOLLOWERS will be able to subscribe to.

Features Available for Subscription in 2020
Music and videos
Play live streams
View an artist's premium videos
Join an artist's web casts

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