20Hz For Artists

A Plan For Everyone

20Hz offers the majority of features within the Standard plan. A couple of the more in-depth features are offered within our Premium plans, however, these can be switched on and off when needed to help your budget.

The Standard plan aims to get you started quickly, and build a relationship with your audience on 20Hz.

The Standard plan allows you to create your own home page, upload sounds, videos, pictures and blogs. You can also publicise events, collaborate with other artists and communicate with your fans. Our direct messaging system makes booking shows and communicating with other artists completely effortless.

Whatever your needs as an artist, we’re confident the 20Hz Standard plan gives you the majority of tools you need for success.

To make things even better, the Standard plan is FREE !

More advanced features are available in our Premium plans for a small fee. You can have your own personal site curator to help manage your content and blogs, set up your own merchandise store, and even run your own live streaming sessions.

Feature Standard Premium
Home page with latest updates and feature video
Biography to introduce yourself
Image gallery to show aspects of your life
Create your own blogs
Allow visitor comments and replies
Publicise your own events
Allow visitor comments and replies
Carousels to group your videos and music tracks
Video player to play your videos
Audio player to play your music tracks
Tips can be made by viewers
Sell your merchandise from a 3rd party merchandise site
Exchange direct messages with other artists, service providers and venues
Send direct messages to followers and groups
Select a template to complement your brand
Select a colour scheme to complement your brand
Build your own colour scheme
Statistics to understand who is watching your videos
Self managed content and pages on your site
Chat service for help managing your site
A personal Site Curator to manage your videos, content & blogs
Access to your Site Curator by email and phone

Upcoming Features

Our on-going commitment to innovation means we will deliver the following features during 2020.

Feature Standard Premium
Support videos as well as images
Push blog entries to external sites (Facebook, Twitter)
Link your events to venues and other artists
Arrange events with venues and other artists
Arrange events with other artists
Share revenue made from advertising on your pages
Sell your merchandise direct to visitors
Flag carousels and videos for subscribers only
Add tracks and playlists that are displayed during play out
Add enhanced data for videos, such as lyrics, scores, etc.
Import and manage lyrics for tracks
Live streaming
Upload content file from local disk
Export videos to YouTube and replace with the URL
Wall of fame for donors
Allow tips to be passed on to another artist
Detailed statistics to help maximise your viewing uptake
Create a collective with other artists
Create competitions