Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World
20Hz is on a mission for live streaming to become the harmony to the artist’s melody. For musicians to get paid for doing what they love. To bring unity to the music community.
The world of the musician has changed. For what was once the journey of write, record, release, and tour,
now leaves itself open and free for adaptation.
About 20Hz

20Hz is a not-for-profit live streaming service, bringing fans and artists together through a platform dedicated to supporting the industry. Our community is based on interaction, togetherness, and that sonic love of how music makes us feel.

With a focus on supporting both artists and fans in these uncertain times, 20Hz brings them together through clear lines of communication and live streaming excellence offering the following 4 pillars:

  • Trust - a reliable and secure live streaming platform, devoted to music lovers
  • Communicate - creating relationships through an engaging online experience
  • Grow - diving into discovery with multi-artist events hosted on virtual, genre-specific stages
  • Donate - rewarding one another through ticket sales, donations, merchandise sales, and exclusive content

20Hz is the place for artists to make money while having their content and merchandise in a single website completely under their control.

Why 20Hz?

We understand that the world of music has changed, that creativity cannot survive on exposure alone. With this in mind, we developed 20Hz, a place for artists to monetise content within a single website that is completely under their control.

With low streaming fees, quick payouts and no contracts, we want to be the new tool in your gig bag to make money with your music, safely knowing that you’re joining a community that reinvests into talent and creativity.

20Hz also offers marketing tools to help build your audience. From free listings and social media highlights, to access to your streaming data and statistics - 20Hz will help maximise and monetize your expanding portfolio of work.

So, whether it’s through a tip jar, ticketed performance or premium access to exclusive content, we give the tools needed to support you, the artist, directly.

We want the music to continue to play.

Let’s give life back to music.

Start Me Up

Setting up your live event is as easy as stomping your favourite effects pedal.

Step 1: Tuner

Create an event - choose your date and time and build your event page using 20Hz templates.

Step 2: Reverb

Choose your venue size - this acts to cap the cost of the events. Use the calculator to show the cost of staging the event, and see a projection of the potential revenue from donations, merchandise and advertising.

Step 3: Compression

No formal contract, but please agree to the terms and conditions.

Step 4: Overdrive

Set the world alight with music.

Let's Talk Money
The Cost of Live Streaming

Giving a live performance on 20Hz is free, if either of these criteria are met:

  • You have been registered with 20Hz for less than 3 months
  • 2 of your last 3 events attracted more than 50 viewers

In all other cases, there is a cost of £2 for each 15 minutes of live streaming.

Where Does the Money Go?

20Hz distribute 70% of the revenue generated by each Artist to the Artist, with 20Hz retaining 30% to keep the platform up and running.

Any surplus from 20Hz's share will be used to advertise, market, improve and develop the platform. If this surplus gets too large, the percentage of revenue distributed to Artists will be increased to a level that keeps 20Hz running without making a profit.

One of the key benefits of 20Hz is the support that the community of Artists provide to each other, in that successful Artists will effectively be subsidising Artists who are on the way up.

Revenue streams for Artists can be generated using these features of 20Hz.

  • Donations made during live streams
  • Donations made on other pages within the Artist's website
  • Advertising banners shown during an Artist's live performance
  • Advertising banners shown on other pages within the Artist's website
  • In-video advertising shown at the start of an Artist's live performance
  • In-video advertising shown at the start of videos played within the Artist's website
  • Sponsorship, either personal or corporate
Fans, Get Registered!

Watching videos and live streams on 20Hz is free.
In the coming months, we'll create some subscription plans to give greater access to Artists and their content.

Press the Register button below to take you to the 20Hz site, then register as a fan by pressing the Sign Up button.

Artists, get Streaming!

Press the Register button below to take you to the 20Hz site, then register as an Artist by pressing the Sign Up button.
On the Sign Up form, click the Are you an artist? link and enter the requested information.

20Hz Features

Whether it’s a band looking for gigs or a record deal, a label in search of new talent, a club or live venue looking for new artists to present, or music fans looking for new sounds, 20Hz is your one-stop solution.

A world in lock-down proved that live streaming is a way for the music to continue to play, cementing its place in the musician's toolkit.

20Hz offers live streaming excellence and the opportunity for engagement pre, during, and post-performance.

Be your own brand, drawing together content from your existing social media channels and create your own dashboard.

A place to communicate, promote your music, sell merchandise, and announce events.

Meet your favourite artists in a virtual green room.

Be invited to exclusive content, playback parties and so much more, directly from the artist’s hub.

Get closer than ever before to the music you love.

In today’s world, hybrid events are becoming more and more popular.

So why not festivals?

Running parallel with physical festivals, augment the experience by reaching an extended audience but leaving the mud at the door.

Create an event within 20Hz.

Find the right performers and the right venue with a few simple clicks.

Advertise your event from your homepage, allowing fans to easily check out your event and buy tickets and merchandise, all from the 20Hz hub.

20Hz will help you to locate the right performers for your venue as well as enabling bands, labels, and promoters to find you.

Creating your 20Hz homepage will provide all the right information, making the artist’s journey to you as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4.

Testimonials by Artists
Our Values

20Hz is a music-based platform designed to unify music lovers all over the world.

As a company, we are strongly committed to creating equal opportunities for all users across the board.

Any discriminatory actions on our site will not be tolerated and will result in removal from our website. 20Hz takes a stand against racism, ageism, sexism, disablism, sexual prejudice, classism, religious intolerance and any other form of prejudice or discrimination.

20Hz is founded on equality and supporting musicians to achieve their goals, working together to make the world a better place.

Our Team

Our team has a diverse set of skills and backgrounds - bringing a rich mixture to the 20Hz pot.

Basil Fisk

Founder, CEO
Extensive Startup Experience
Streaming Media Expert

Debbie Olaifa

Artist Manager
Music Artist Manager and Musician
Events Organiser

Jamie Jamieson

Founder, CTO
Data-Driven Software Architect
Cloud Technology Expert
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We at 20Hz would love to hear from you. Whether you are an investor, an artist or a fan, your contribution is important to us.

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